About Ski Younger Now

Left to right: Joe Bouchard, Inge Franberg, Seth Masia, Staffan Lundstrom — two centuries of collective ski teaching expertise.

Ski Younger Now is a set of techniques designed to reduce torque on knees and lower back, and to reduce the muscular effort needed to start and finish turns. It relies on modern ski design to reduce most skiing maneuvers to subtle pressures inside the boot, and lateral motions of the knees and hands. The skill set works even in difficult snow conditions.

Ski Younger Now was developed as an adaptive technique for veteran older skiers and skiers who have rehabbed after knee surgery. It’s also proved to be an effective confidence-building progression for skiers at all levels of experience.  Since the 2015-16 ski season, Ski Younger Now has been a Signature Program of the Vail Ski School.

For 2018-19, Ski Younger Now clinics are taught by Seth Masia, Joe Bouchard, John Kirschner, Hank Frazier and Staffan Lundstrom, and administered by Inge Franberg — more than two centuries of collective ski teaching expertise!



Powder! Photo by Tom Lippert.

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