The February clinic

February’s clinic was great fun, and we moved steadily from basic exercises on easy groomed terrain to groomed blacks and easy bumps and powder. The ladies in the group wanted to be able to keep up with their families. Here’s what Joan wrote a couple of days later, about skiing with her husband and teenage daughter:
To my husband’s surprise, I insisted on skiing with him and our daughter on Friday. Normally, I do not like to ski five consecutive full days, and we never thought I would even make it through all three days of your program, particularly following the prior day of skiing (and getting exhausted and discouraged) with them. But I was raring to go the following day, to see if I would maintain what I learned when under pressure from my two hot dogs. With the exception of some moments of discomfort on steep deep bumps such as Little Ollie (which I handled way better, physically and psychologically, than before your lessons), I was totally confident. I kept up much better than before. In fact, on one bump slope, my husband said he could not keep up with me, because he was so exhausted from the three days skiing alone with our daughter. I told him maybe he could learn some energy-economy tips from your class. Even my daughter admitted I was skiing much better.
When I signed up for the program, I figured either I would buy myself a little more time skiing, or, more likely, I would know that it was time to give up skiing (or at least anything that isn’t groomed). Now I’d say I’m good for more years. The three days in your class, plus the following day with my family, were truly the most confident, strong, and–most importantly–enjoyable days skiing I’ve ever experienced. Thanks!
We have plenty of room for the next session,  March 8-9-10. And of course early March is absolutely the best time to ski at Vail!

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